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We're bringing the team together because together we can go farther. 

Dear friends and family, 


I am reaching out to you to ask for your support in helping me to meet an opportunity that I believe we are particularly prepared to meet with my family business.


Overview of the opportunity 

For centuries, creatives have struggled to balance their passions and talent with having enough financial resources to live. The starving artist became too common. However, with half of the world using social media, large advertising budgets have shifted to digital and a creative economy has been ensuing. 

The global advertising market size for platforms is expected to reach USD 262.62 billion by 2028, almost 5X of what it was in 2021, according to a report by Million Insight. With only about 6k agencies in the US serving growing digital needs and fewer with multicultural capabilities, Move Emotion can provide cost effective support to brands, partaking in the growing creative economy.

Latinos are expected to make up 20.9 percent of the labor force by 2028, and a social media presence is critical for brands seeking to tap into this demographic. In 2015, the Wharton Magazine mentioned that,

“ When it comes to social media use, this demographic considerably over-indexes compared to the non-Hispanic millennial population; Hispanic millennials are nearly 66 percent more likely to connect via mobile…Not only are they heavy users of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, but they are also constantly texting their friends, classmates, colleagues, bosses, and international family members.”
Research shows that the use of social media usage grew in the Latino community during the pandemic. We have the ability to produce quality content for US Latinos from Latin America where the exchange rate can allow us to offer competitive prices to our clients.

Where we come from ​

Our family has roots in the creative arts since our parents met singing together and our father became the director of culture in our city in Colombia. We arrived in the US and the Latino community welcomed us. We’ve always thought of ways to bring together our passion for the arts and desire to support the Latino community in the US. 


With Move Emotion we see an opportunity to bring together the creative community in Latin America and the US, and create a powerful team to democratize digital marketing to help businesses to grow.  


This can help the Latino community because it is the demographic that starts more businesses per capita than any other racial or ethnic group in the United States.

Who we are 

We help clients to build the tools and storytelling that grow their digital presence and generate greater demand for their work and services. We empower a team of diverse professionals with proven results in media and marketing to bring a blend of creative and technical expertise to private and nonprofit clients.

Move Emotion can create music driven influencer content that can entertain and engage audiences and, given our background, the Latino demographic for a price and in ways that other mainstream marketers do not. 

Where we are going and how you can help ​

We are bootstrapping our operations. As a company, we are in a period of dynamic growth. The revenue earned on our digital marketing services has doubled for three consecutive years and the demand for content tailored to the Hispanic community is at an all-time high.

In order to take advantage of this upswing, we plan to attract the funding we need to expand our efforts. Crowdfunding can help us complete our creative studios to increase our footprint. 

We are launching a crowdfunding effort to raise 45,000 USD of seed funding by August 31st. 

We propose a 15% interest rate on the funds that we raise and plan to pay back these funds in three years, with interest payments made on the anniversary date of the disbursement. We can create a promissory note with each contributing member. 

Bringing the team together


While our clients and front-facing personnel are based in the US, most of our creative and day to day work is completed from Colombia with local talent currently spread out around the country. There are benefits to remote work, but creative work requires the use of professional studios and equipment as well as collaboration. 


We have already completed the construction of professional audio studios. However, we are in the process of building our main site with video studios and co-working spaces which will allow us to reach the full potential of our Media capabilities, providing clients with the professional-grade content they demand. 

IMG_2019 4.jpeg

 * These photos show our studios under construction. The last picture shows artists from LA recording their music video with us in Colombia.  

We are at a point of  great opportunity. I am blessed to work with the Move Emotion community, a network of passionate clients, teammates, and supporters, such as yourself. Regardless of the size of your contribution, the impact of your support will be felt as we expand our business.  We look forward to helping our clients to grow in the midst of uncertainty and supporting our employees and communities in a responsible way. 


Thank you for allowing me to reach out to you. I am immensely grateful for your consideration. 




Milton Felipe Rico

Felipe 1_edited.jpg

For amounts greater than $10,000, or if you would prefer the following payment methods, below is our information for Zelle or Wire transfers: 


Zelle: 7862127720

Wells Fargo Checking : 7461274859

Routing Number (RTN): 031000503

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